Import model WITH textures through dropbox in the playground


I have a 3d model in Dropbox that I imported into the playground. It currently has no textures and I was wondering how I could add them. It has diffuse, normal, and specular textures.

links for all 3 plus model:
model: Dropbox - AKM.obj - Simplify your life
specular: Dropbox - akm_spec.tga - Simplify your life
normal: Dropbox - akm_norm.tga - Simplify your life
diffuse: Dropbox - akm_diff.tga - Simplify your life

Could you add PG link? :slightly_smiling_face:

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:wink: Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation


@Vinc3r I was looking at that doc page and didn’t see anything about textures.:thinking:

Textures for models, that is.

You need to load the textures

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oh. Thank you!