Playground dropbox glb import failing

I am trying to get a playground scene set up. I followed the advice in Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation and put a .glb file up on dropbox, and made the file and the directory have shareable links. Dropbox - doublesided.glb - Simplify your life I then went into the playground and changed the sample code to BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", “Dropbox - bbln - Simplify your life”, “doublesided.glb”, scene, function (meshes)
but it just causes everything to freeze. what am I doing wrong?

@Ivan_DeWolf, c ould you try adding a / after

If that doesn’t work, could you copy and paste the console log error so we can try to debug?

I tried the trailing slash, no luck.
Playground has a console? pardon my ignorance, I can’t find it.
I looked at the “inspector”, but that just shows an empty scene.
I opened my .glb in gltfeditor dot com, and saved it out from there in case it had something odd in the formatting, I think it’s good. it’s a very simple scene.

@Ivan_DeWolf, you may need to convert your Dropbox link from www.dropbox… to dl.dropboxusercontent… as mentioned in How to Share a Direct Link to a Dropbox File - How to Do Anything in Apps | Zapier

Here’s an example of a Playground that imports a mesh from a Dropbox link:

Also, note that your link has /sh/, which indicates a shared folder. This may work, but the Playground example’s link has /s/ (maybe a public file?), which is guaranteed to work.

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YES!!! cool, thank you!

I did, indeed, need to get the link for the file instead of for the directory.
was the winning combination.

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