Converting .env texture to .hdr/.dds texture

I have a .env texture used for PBR Material environment map in Babylon.js.
I would like to use the same texture in Three.js, however, as I understand, the .env format is limited to Babylon.js.
Thus, I would like to convert this .env file to a .hdr or .dds format (or any other Three.js compatible format for textures).

Is there a way to do so?

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The .env file has probably been converted from a .hdr or .dds file: don’t you have access to the original file?

If the .env file is coming from the Playground textures/ directory, then you will also find the corresponding .hdr or .dds file there.

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Oh, yes indeed, thanks for the tip!
Tho, for future information or for people facing the same problem, if anyone has a method, feel free to share it.

Why not using it in Babylon instead :slight_smile: