Copyright question

If I wrote a game using BabylonJS, what are the software copyright hurdles do I need to clear before I publish it on a site?

Also, what copyright license should I include in my site in order to protect others from copying my game without acknowledging me?

Thanks for your wise comments!

There aren’t any copyright hurdles for the engine itself as it uses the permissive free Apache 2 license.

Of course you’d need to abide by any copyright or licensing for any assets (models, sounds, textures etc) you use.

To protect your game you can minimise and uglify/obfuscate your code and/or put the majority of the game logic server-side (an authoritative server) rather than client-side.

For your own game you could take a look at the various Creative Commons licenses like an Attribution license: CC Licenses and Examples - Creative Commons

Should I attach the Apache License in my site?

Also, “minimise and uglify/obfuscate your code”…any recommendations as to where to do these?

game logic server-side (an authoritative server) rather than client-side…I’m thinking of trying out the Facebook game platform. Do I need to host the game somewhere first and then connect to the Fb platform?

Sorry about all the questions. I just discovered Babylon a week ago. It’s new to me :slight_smile:

No, but I’m no lawyer so someone with more knowledge would need to confirm.

It depends on your tooling and development environment. There’s online JS minimisation tools but also NPM packages that will do it for you. Best to Google it. But don’t worry about it until you have a game you’re ready to deploy :wink:

Sorry I don’t know anything about Facebook games. Again, the key is to build a working game first and you can integrate it with any number of game platforms and marketplaces later. Don’t worry too much about answering all these questions until you’re near finishing a game.

We only ask you to be kind enough and mention somewhere that your game was done with Babylon.js :slight_smile:

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Yep did it!

All good then :smiley: