Are textures within the textures library free to use for commercial products?

I just want to check, are all assets within the Textures Library (The Texture Library | Babylon.js Documentation) available to use for commercial products? Are there any restrictions on their use? I can’t find that information on the page itself, but if I’ve missed it can someone point out where it is?

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Hey there! I believe so but I’ll just ping @PirateJC to double check

All assets are here - GitHub - BabylonJS/Assets: A place for public domain digital assets to use.
They are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.


Just to further clarify, according to the Attribution section of Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0, it states that appropriate credit must be given. This seems to include:

  1. “The name of the creator” - Should this be “Babylon.JS”?
  2. “Attribution parties” - who would this be?
  3. A copyright notice - Would this be “Copyright Babylon.JS”, are the assets under copyright?
  4. A license notice - is that a link to the license? say to Assets/LICENSE at master · BabylonJS/Assets · GitHub
  5. A notice that refers to the disclaimer of warranties
  6. A link to the licenced material - A link to the github repo?

It also states that all of the above may be satisfied by linking to the license: Assets/LICENSE at master · BabylonJS/Assets · GitHub and the material: GitHub - BabylonJS/Assets: A place for public domain digital assets to use.

So can you confirm that if I link to the license, github repo and use the appropriate name (Babylon.js?) within my site that I will have met the requirements of the license?


Let me add @PatrickRyan and @bghgary who knows way more than me about this part.

In my mind, everything we do in open source with Babylon is to be consumed without restrictions :slight_smile:

My personal fav license is WTFPL - Wikipedia :slight_smile:


Generally @PatrickRyan would be the right person to ask, however as a general rule I would align with @sebavan on this one. Everything around here is/should be yours to use.

Over to @PatrickRyan for final guidance though.

@Charge, the post above from @labris is the solution in that all of our assets carry a CC BY 4.0 license. They can be used in commercial work, but limit someone using it in cases like trademarking or patent use. I would say that if you are working on a commercial project and are trying to do your due diligence on your assets, I would not take anything said on this forum as legal advice as no one from our team is a lawyer. My advice would be to hire a lawyer to make sure that you are including the correct information and provide you with the language needed to legally cover you.

But at the minimum I can try to clarify a couple of things for you. I would refer to the Babylon.js Asset Repository as the source of the models. Note that we do not capitalize the “js”. This is because many of the assets stored there are either created by our team, paid for by our team, or have been converted and stored there by our team keeping the same CC-By 4.0 license.

I think at a minimum it would be expected that you detail in the credits of your project a link to the repository with links to the license itself. There is no problem with using these assets commercially, but I would suggest engaging a lawyer to make sure that you are protected with language in your disclosures that clearly state where the assets came from and what license is listed on the repo which should protect you from liability.