Create a round shape with density

Hi, I am new in Babylon js what I am trying to achieve is to create a round ground with some density like a table without legs

I am able to create a round shape but I can not find a way to add some density.

anyone can suggest to me how to do it?

i share my playground here which I have tried so far

and this is what I am trying to achieve

Thanks in advance

Welcome abroad!
I’m not sure but are you looking for a cylinder?

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thanks for the reply
please check I have uploaded an image i want something like this

this is my updated playground

but the problem is now my round shape is not really smooth

You can set the tessellation to a bigger value than the default 24, but it will increase the faces & vertices.

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Hi and welcome to the BJS Forum,
Aside from tesselation, there are a number of tricks you can use on the material (as long as it has a texture), using shaders and also, on meshes, using the rendering pipeline.
As for tesselation of a cylinder, disc or tube, around 30 to 36 is a good average value between performance and detail/roundness on a ‘medium-sized’ object.
I quickly updated your PG introducing the default rendering pipeline. You can play with the values in there (just unfold ‘rendering pipeline’ from the inspector and try play with the values).
As for adding smoothness through the material, you would first need to add a texture to your material.
Else, shaders can give awesome results but are a bit hard to start with when you are just new to BJS, so I cannot recommend them here just now.


You also have the option of using extrusion to create shapes Extruding Shapes | Babylon.js Documentation ( :smiley: