Create / Calculate Normal Map in Node Material Editor

Hello Guys!

Currently, I’m trying to create a procedural material in the Node Material Editor and while I was able to figure out how to do most of the stuff I want, there is one thing I struggle with. I want to create a normal map using gray scale values created from noise (like a height map for example). Take a look at the following NME example

Right before the FragmentOutput I have the gray scale values which I would like to use to create a normal map. In blender e.g. I can use a bump node to get the desired result. How can I achieve this in the NME?

Hi @Kreiter and welcome to the forum!

You can do it with derivatives on the grey scale value.
I did the change here:

Babylon.js Node Material Editor


Thank you so much!
That was exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: