Extending Node Material Editor with Custom Components

Hi guys,

I’m looking for generic node editor to implement my own components in and I wonder if Node Material Editor can be used for such a purpose. The question is if it has some generic base that I can extend with my own components without having material editor components. I couldn’t really find much information on the license or examples of such use scenarios as well. Any information on that would be of great value to me. In case node material editor was not meant to be extended like that, maybe there’s someone who did research in that and could point me to some alternatives. Thanks!

So far there is no easy way to do it but I plan to make that happen over the summer. That being said we are not in the component business so I do not plan to provide docs or samples but you will still be able to see how the node components will be used in NME

Hi @Deltakosh, thanks for the answer! No problem, it looks like NME works really well and I was hoping that there was some library behind it :slight_smile: In the meantime I’m investigating rete.js, which seems to offer some of the basic capabilities needed. Anyway, I’ll be following your progress and will dig into the NME code myself a bit to learn how it’s setup. Thanks again!

I’ll ping you here when I’ll be done :wink: