Debug Layer hides makes scene height 0 now?

I’ve noticed that when I use the debug layer on a local deploy it ads a dive around the canvas with a height and width of 100%.

Unfortunately that hides the scene until you get rid of the 100% styling rules on the new wrapper div.

the width 100% has to stay but the height needs to be set to auto for the scene to show and the resize trigger to work.

This will be hard to troubleshoot without a repro but I guess you could set the styles manually after calling show/hide ?

Is it not happening to anyone else?

This happens with every local project that I open a debugLayer on so I assumed others are having the same problem.

I could do a screen capture to show what’s going on.

Interesting I think I found a common factor. Let me see if I can figure this out. It does not happen when I use the default scene from “Getting Started” So its something I am doing for sure.

AAAAAAAAAANDDD its official… I just need to quit… it was a typo in my body css that what not propagating over the 100% on the height… Which happened to be the same header I had been copying and pasting… shm…