Second engine/scene messed up (black model & low res)

Hello pretty people,

I’m creating a second engine and scene and display it on top of my first one. This works so far as intended. The issue is how the second scene is rendered:

Now if I activate the debug layer for this second scene, the resolution fixes itself!

And when I look at the scene explorer of both scenes I can see that the meshes/textures are not listed for their correct respective scene. :sweat_smile:
I don’t see any correlation between which scene holds which nodes and my code. This seems pretty random. Additionally, the actual 3D scene displays their models correctly (except for the second scene being black and low res), so this is probably just a visual bug?

apparently the scene.resize() function fixes the resolution!

And the model being black was also my fault :sweat_smile:
My asset manager was loading the textures to the first scene, so my second scene couldn’t access them.

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