debugLayer.onPropertyChangedObservable not firing when enabling / disabling lights

debugLayer.onPropertyChangedObservable is not firing when enabling disabling lights in the BJS inspector. wonder if this is a bug or feature? is there another event i can watch when a user enables/disables lighting?

The enabled state change of a lightTreeItemComponent

is handled differently than i.e. transform nodes by the inspector, so that it does not trigger/notify onPropertyChanged-observers.

Maybe our experts @carolhmj @RaananW @sebavan know if it can/should be included.

Currently a possibility is to use onEnabledStateChangedObservable of your lights:

Makes sense to me to add that (in the right place)
@carolhmj - do you have the time? :slight_smile:
If not i’ll take care of that later.

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I can do that sure :smiley:

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PR here: [Inspector] When changing relevant properties on the Camera, Light an… by carolhmj · Pull Request #14028 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (