Decals are not supported for glb files

Small teaser:

(it’s still a work in progress on the coding side)


Its more than a teaser :slight_smile:

You’re the fastest webgl wizard on the west :slight_smile:

Nearly there!

If not using the new “Culling back faces” flag, you can get a “leak” of the decal on the back, depending on the depth of the projector (meaning the z component of the decalSize parameter):


you rock

Here’s the PR:

I have also updated the docs:

@vijay_krishna I hope you don’t mind I have used your character for the screenshots in the doc?

Here’s a PG you can play with but that will fully work only when the PR is merged:


Thanks @Evgeni_Popov u r amazing

quick question,
once we click on the moving object the decal is getting in front of the object only, not getting overlayed on the moving object. ideally it shud be part of the mesh. Do we need to add any settings to get the decal overlayed ?
i think PR is merged…

I think the Playground was not updated yet when you tested as I have just tested and it is working as expected (you may need to clear the cache of the browser to get the updated Playground). If you are looking at the first video here you will see the decal is moving with the object.


Thanks @Evgeni_Popov so much