Default rendering Pipeline and multiple cameras


Looks like if i have multiple cameras in the scene and create a Default rendering Pipeline the lights are gone on the second camera.

Im using the Sandbox Inspector.

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Can you provide a scene to test it?


Will do one tomorrow.


Here is the scene file and a video.
There are two problems.

  1. One is that the Default rendering Pipeline is working only on the first Camera.

  2. If i turn off a light i cant trun it back on and its also only shown in one Camera. (1.3 MB)


It’s probably just the Inspector which link a new pipeline to the current camera only. But when using the pipeline in your own app you just have to send an array of cameras in the constructor: DefaultRenderingPipeline - Babylon.js Documentation

(simple way is to write scene.cameras in the camera parameter)


Thanks for the hint.


Yes by default the inspector will only apply the pipeline to the activecamera