ImageProcessing and Multiview

It seems like you can’t have different imageprocessing effet depending on your camera. Whatever I do it behaves like DefaultRenderingPipeline.imageProcessing and scene.imageProcessingConfiguration are always the same. So whatever camera I put in my DefaultRenderingPipeline, all the cameras of my scene will still be impacted by imageprocessing effects.

See this multiview example where I create a DefaultRenderingPipeline with only one camera:

Pinging @sebavan

By default the configuration is shared for everything so you need a dedicated config for the pipeline:

That said it still does not apply to the requested camera. Still digging.

Ping @trevordev for the Post process not being applied in case he s got an idea ?

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Basically this should be the setup to follow: (need to be hdr to rely on the post pro else it directly impact the materials)

But for some reason it is still buggy.

Ok so on the new config, you also need to tell it to run in the PP.

I will simplify this in a bit, fully booked until next week: Simplify multi camera setup for DefaultRenderingPipeline · Issue #6402 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Cool thanks for the help @sebavan!