Define camera position in a GLTF file (Blender)

Hi. I’m exporting a scene from Blender to GLTF. But when I open the file in a GLTF viewer, it’s not rendering from the Blender scene’s camera view. Is there a way to define the viewing position?

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Hey @renard, as we like to say around here, “Welcome to the Babylon family!” We’re genuinely very happy to have you hear!

Couple of questions for you:

  1. How are you exporting from Blender to GLTF? Is it with the included exporter, or the Babylon.js exporter?

  2. When you say that you’re trying to open the file in the GLTF viewer, what are you referring to? Are you talking about the sandbox?

  3. Assuming you’ve included the camera in your exported gltf file, and you’re using the sandbox, you should be able to open up the sandbox and turn on the new camera.

You have to first make sure that you’re properly exporting the Blender camera. Here’s a screenshot of how to do that in the built in exporter:


In the sandbox, you simply open up the inspector with this button:

And then navigate the scene hierarchy until you find your exported camera:

And then you simply select the camera icon next to your exported camera:

Then you’ll be viewing the scene through your exported camera.

Hope that helps!

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@PirateJC Thank you so much for the detailed and thoughtful feedback! I really appreciate it.

I actually wasn’t familiar with Babylon.js until I saw GLTF-related questions in this forum. I just looked more closely at the tech and it’s really impressive. I’ll dig into the sandbox.

I am a UX Designer on an AR product. I’m considering creating onboarding animations using 3D animations. They would have to render on web and within our iOS and Android apps (which should have gltb and usdz support already).

I’m pretty new to webgl - is Babylon.js a toolset that we’d call from our web site, which would then support the rendering?

Hope you’re well,