Issues with exported Camera from 3dsmax

Howdy! First of all, Babylon 4 looks amazing, can’t wait for Babylon 5… Oh wait… :slight_smile:

Anyway, new “Noob” here, so apologies in advance for potentially stupid questions…
I’m using the gltf exporter from 3dsmax. All materials are converted to Physical Material etc and they look ok, but wherever I drop the exported (.glb) scene (with single or multiple cameras) into the Sandbox I get autocentered into the scene (which seems to be some sort of of max/min depending on the size of the scene…)
Ok, now to the actual question.
I can see my camera node in the node hierarchy but I can’t do anything with it… Like switch to that view or select it or anything. Seems all I can do is change fov etc on default camera.
What am I missing here? Is the exporter not supporting the camera or is the Sandbox ignoring other cameras… or a third option like I’m not looking at the right menus or a fourth option like I’m not getting what the sandbox is for :wink:
In any case, I will also consider this as feedback to any devs out there, this part has potential for improvement from a user perspective. (Like if I click on a camera node, could I get a hint or a menu where I can select is as my new view etc…)
Thanx for listening,

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Welcome btw!

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@eXeler0 Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, any cameras in your imported scene is ignored in the sandbox. This sounds like a great feature to add/change however… We’ve been discussing improvements to the inspector/sandbox workflow, and I definitely agree with adding better camera options & ability to add and switch to a scene camera and/or change controls on the fly.

@Deltakosh, what do you think? Should we put “Switch current primary camera in the sandbox” on the 4.2 timeline?

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@drigax allowing to switch active camera in the inspector should be enough if we can not already :slight_smile: