Degree of collisions in Physics simulations

Hello there,

Is there a way how to observe, get a 3d object speed in Physics simulation process? For example a sphere, a) its actual speed in Physics simulation and especially b) the value of collision? I’m talking about using Physics simulations.

Is there a way for the getting of amount of collision? Is there a way to determine the degree of collision? For example, a sphere collides with a wall. The collision rate is therefore 100%, because the ball is stopped in a while. However, if the sphere moves along a flat plane, the collision rate may be close to 0%. Is there a solution in Babyon.js how to watch mentioned parameters? Thanks for your answer - your time.

btw., from today all Physics playground examples, stopped works on all my webbrowsers, e. g:
I see only purple screen without error messages.

Its speed is whatever you decide to use as a refrence but the algo would be somthing like.
A = Last Frame Position
B = Current Frame Position
C = Unit of Measure
Length(B-A)*C = Rate

Then you decide what 1 bjs unit means to you if its meters or feet or miles etc.

Most of the physics have a velocity value as well that you could just do velocity.scale( C ) = rate.

Thanks for reaction…If i see properly now, there are even function for getting speed of objects. The biggest problem is, how to get object collision measurement…

Everywhere in the Babylon.js documents I see only the possibility of verifying that a collision has occurred. But nowhere about the degree of collision.