Develop Canva clone on babylon.js

Can someone develop a clone completely in babylonjs?

eg: GitHub - breakfasting/Gwaphics: An online graphical design tool for creating designs effortlessly inspired by Canva.

Hey are you offering a job for it ? Or is it more a call for volunteers?

hi @davidjeba Welcome to the forum!

I think it could be done. I see they are running on React + Redux. I have experimented quite a bit with that in the past (with babylon) and it is really useful for undo functionality as you can time travel through the editing history. I built a 3d level editor in React + Redux and you could undo/redo with compensating actions. For the design aspects it would depend on what you are building what you are going to output.

Have a look at “who is using Konva” and you can see that the canvas can be used to design a variety of applications:
Konva - JavaScript 2d canvas library (

You might get some ideas as well from the new babylonjs GUI editor :smiley:

edit: sorry I didn’t clue in this is in the “Service Offers and Requests” sub, so maybe it is a request for someone to build a clone?