Difference between 3ds Max and Maya Exporter

Hi there, I’m seeing a big difference between the 3ds max and Maya babylon exporters.

I have set my animation up in Max with a series of rigged elements and blend shapes. When I export this using the Babylon exporter in Max the blend shapes animate at different times to when the objects scale, the objects aren’t in the correct position and objects are missing from animation groups unless I set key frames at the start and end of all the animation groups (a problem I posted about previously).

If I export this file as an fbx, import it in to Maya and export it using the Babylon exporter with the ‘bake animation’ option selcted everything exports perfectly. There isn’t a ‘bake animation’ option in 3ds Max so could this be what is causing my problem in Max and meaning it works fine in Maya?

Also in Maya if I set up animation groups I just set the keyframes, whereas in Max I need to add specific objects to the various groups which can take a lot longer.

I would love to keep everything in Max and export from there but am unable to get it working as it does in Maya. Is there a reason the 2 exporters are different and is there a way I can get the Max exporter to behave like Maya, or bake the animation like in Maya? Going in to Maya every time takes a lot longer and I need to set the materials up again amongst other things.


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It is all planned and you can track the related work here: Improve exporter consistency · Issue #619 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub

Both should soon have similar levels of features.

Great, thanks for letting me know. I’ll go about it the long way for now then

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