Different graphics driver being used in Firefox compared to Edge/Chrome

When I saw this, it brought to mind how my Firefox is different from Chrome. I have the same graphics card. about:support, shows that I am getting the 1050 renderer for webGL 1 & 2.

I was really hoping that they were not using the same, but chrome://gpu shows they are :frowning_face:

I am using a Core i5 & am very up to date with OS. If you need any screen shots of stuff you are blocked from, feel free to ask.

As this topic is kind of out of frame works hands, permit to describe how the 2 browsers differ in my case. Colors on chrome all have some crappy green / blue tinge. Everything looks dead by comparison. Here is an old scene of mine https://palmer-jc.github.io/scenes/QueuedInterpolation/automaton/index.html

On firefox the flesh for the first model looks like:

While on chrome, they are:

It somehow looks even worse using PBR. Can someone run that scene on both browsers and check that this is not just my system, by alt-tabbing between them? Please.