Bad loading performance on Chrome

When setting up scene and creating an engine I’m seeing a big performance difference between Chrome (or chromebased browsers) and Firefox. It boils down to the time it takes to perform “getContext” in ThinEngine.
In Firefox it takes 10-20ms when putting in a canvas or a GLContext
In Chrome it takes 80-100 ms when putting in GLContext and >10000 ms (10sec !!) wen putting in a canvas.
I think there is something wrong. Disabling some of the options/tests (“disableWebGL2Support”, “failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat”) didn’t change anything

This is not what we are experiencing (fortunately :slight_smile: ) so it might be a local issue on your side. and if getContext is slow, this is unfortunately not something the Babylon engine can handle, you d have to open a ticket on the Chromium bug tracker.

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What OS/browser/version are you using to test Chromium?

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I’m on Windows 10 (1809, 64-bit).

The long initial loading happens on
Chromium 93.0.4526.0 (Developer-Build) (64-Bit) and
Edge 92.0.902.55 (Official Build) (64-Bit)