Firefox - Fullscreen GUI lag

Hi there!

I’ve noticed that at high-resolutions (in full-screen) specifically on Firefox, frequent updates of the BABYLON GUI with changing text puts a huge dent in the fps.
Tested on…

  • A desktop (4k) with dedicated graphics (GTX2060)
  • Surface Pro 2017 ( 2736 x 1824 ) with integrated graphics

In both instances the frame-rate hovers around 45-55 with noticeable lag. Any ideas as to whats going on? I haven’t observed the noticeable drop in performance on Chrome.

At first glance all seems to be fine. Make sure to collapse the code window, go full-screen, and move the camera around a bit.

As you say, this is very browser-dependent. The function that takes most of the time in this case is the engine’s updateDynamicTexture, which contains only gl code:

You can see that the other functions take little-to-none computation time.
I doubt there is something we as a framework can do to accelerate the process, except for making less calls to opengl (which will either degrade quality or prevent it entirely from working). I will wait for the bigger gl experts to answer thou :slight_smile:

Yup looks like a totally different profile than Chrome. You might want to open an issue on the Mozilla tracker as it might be related on how they upload canvas2D into WebGL Texture ?

Thanks for the replies! I’ll do that, much appreciated.