Disappearing PG inspector when clicking inner child node

Hi. I saw an odd thing… in the PG Inspector… using Firefox 60.7.0 esr… on this PG.

  1. Open Inspector
  2. Use “+” clicks… to expand GUI - UI - root - leftPanel - button (1st button on leftPanel)
  3. Click on the TEXT for outer-node button [Button] (“General” panel should open below… looks fine.)
  4. Click on the TEXT for the inner-node… button_button [TextBlock]

When I do that last inner-node click, the inspector panel disappears… possibly a z-index issue.

Do others see this? Verifications/tests… from anyone/everyone, welcome. Please include browser/platform info when making verification reports/comments.

I am suspecting a z-index/layer issue, because… it takes TWO clicks on inspector button… to re-open it. This might indicate that the first click is closing the wrongly-hidden inspector, and then the second click opens a fresh one.

Sidenote to Firefox esr-branch users: Newest Firefox ESR that I installed moments ago (60.7.0)... seems to fix the disappearing cursor issue in the forum editor. YAY!!! That was a highly-annoying issue for some of us FF pilots. (phew)

Correction: Upon watching my browser’s DOM tree… after the “disappearing inspector”… a DIV called embed-host … is losing a child.

The child exists… when inspector is open.

So, it is NOT a CSS z-index issue. The inspector “embed” is actually being removeNode’d… with earlier-mentioned click-on-inner-child.

This is a sad bug :slight_smile:
Will fix that immediatly

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Yeah, this issue touches the inner child in ALL of us. :slight_smile: errr.

:slight_smile: Not so sad… if you can find the lost child. The child is wearing an ID labeled “embed” (weird name for a child). Last seen in a playground, sitting on a DOM tree branch.

I think the child is only lost, and hasn’t been abducted. :smiley:
Thx 4 fix, Dk!

Sidenote: Darn, my Firefox cursor disappeared in the editor, for a moment, again. I needed to focus a different "panel" (such as preview panel), and then focus editor, again. Still, it's lots better than it WAS.

(Wingy terrorizes his browser with threats of sanctions and tariffs, and sails warships thru the Straits of Mozilla.) :open_mouth:

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