Display file name attached to 3D asset

I want to display a file name below the loaded 3D asset/object. One way I know is to add a div element to the DOM. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2ARI2W#10
However, I am struggling to set the position on div as per the loaded object/asset. I would need community help in

  1. Is there a way/api which allows to display file name of the rendered 3D asset?
  2. How to find the position of the loaded 3D asset on the DOM so that the custom div can be positioned accordingly?


Hey @JoyCoder! Welcome to the Babylon family! So great to have you here!

I’d encourage you to check out the Babylon.js 3D Gui system for something like this. It will allow you to create GUI elements that can exist inside of your Babylon scene, such as underneath a 3D model.

Hope this helps!