How to properly display 180 videos on the VideoDome

I have a quick question about the video dome. I was trying to use the half dome option to display 180 videos but from a small amount of testing it seems that the half dome option is just hiding half of the video instead of aligning the format to show the whole thing on only half of the dome. I tried the different 3 different video modes, but couldn’t get it to work. I’m currently only trying with a monoscopic 180 video although we might be going for stereoscopic as well.

Are there any guidelines on how to display 180 videos? I wasn’t sure this was a bug. If so I can log it in the github with a nice repro. Just wanted to ask first.

Hello and welcome!
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So, yeah - the 180 video is actually hiding the other part of the dome otherwise the texture repeats. this was the acceptable solution when it was implemented. You can follow the thread here - 180-degree 3D video (VR180) support?

Since we project the video as material, it is applied to the entire dome. to make sure the texture is not repeated, we are setting the texture accordingly and hiding half of the dome with a black screen.

Want to share with me the video you are trying to use?


Hi RaananW,
Thanks a lot for the quick response and for the link to the other conversation. It really helped me understand what was the problem that I was having. The video that I was actually testing was not in the right format and there doesn’t seem to be any problem with the half dome parameter from the video dome.

It took me a lot of time to figure it out since I’m testing VR on the Oculus quest and there seems to be a bigger issue with VR180 for the web experience. I haven’t figured out what is causing the problem, but even YouTube on the quest is avoiding VR180 on the oculus browser (YouTube native app works fine).

I still need to test on a different VR experience but from the canvas on the regular browser, everything seemed to work as expected.

One other question, I’m new to VR so just wanted to ask if 180° monoscopic videos were a thing, and if so, would the half dome option support that format?

Can we expect for VR180 to always come on ‘side by side’ mode?

Thanks for your help!


We can make it a thing :blush:

I haven’t seen many 180 mono videos in VR to be honest. They are usually either side by side or 360.

It’s more than possible to support any kind of video in the video some as long as we know its properties. For example, the only difference between side by side and mono in this case is where from we sample the second eye. If we sample from the same area of the texture, it’ll be if it doesn’t work as expected, let us know.

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