Docs - Preview builds should include changelog

It’s awesome AF how fast new preview builds are released that incorporate the latest fixes and features, and I think it’s a shame that hard work gets lost and buried due to lack of exposure :sunglasses::grin:

Seriously though, being able to see what’s been fixed or changed in a preview build would not only help bleeding-edge masochists like me suffer less it would hopefully help everyone (team included) by allowing better dissemination of changes and new stuff without relying on someone to discover it (as can unfortunately be the case today). Simply having a list of PR short_desc in the body of the GH release (git tag annotations IIRC) would yield a good chunk of utility.

Plus, it could seriously cut down on the team’s cough @PirateJC cough work needed to prep the next versions release notes since it’s already largely done! :+1::rocket:

The logic for getting notes from PR’s seems to already be used in the azure_pipelines.yml for regular releases, so perhaps it’s less making something new and more tweaking something old?

There’s this:

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:man_facepalming: yeah, I missed the generated file there completely.

Though it makes me look a bit silly in proving it, I think my original point on making that more accessible somewhere still stands :sunglasses::+1::grin:

A more saliently useful point though is that the what’s new is straight up information overload at this point - not a bad problem to have, but maybe there needs to be a 4.3? :face_with_monocle:


It’s an interesting idea to have a simplified version of what’s new for each preview release, though at the rate we do preview releases, that could be a good amount of work.

I’ll do some more thinking about this

Thanks for the consideration @PirateJC I’ve done some CI/CD work along similar lines in the past, LMK if you want to discuss some approaches!