Documentation interaction design bug

The back button in Firefox and Safari and Chrome doesn’t go back to the top of a page of documentation after having navigated down to an href farther down the page.

This seems like something about how the documents are designed in terms of html because if I experiment with a very vanilla anchor design in a simple page then the back buttons all work as I expect / desire cf. How to Add an Anchor Link to Jump to a Specific Part of a Page

  1. go to eg Camera | Babylon.js Documentation
  2. scroll the page down to Index area.
  3. click on eg RIG_MODE_WEBVR
  4. notice that the page scroll position jumps so you are at the href for RIG_MODE_WEBVR
  5. press back button
    DESIRED: return to the Index position
    ACTUAL: nothing happens
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Adding @RaananW the mastermind from the doc site.

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Thanks for letting us know! Odd behavior indeed!

This page is actually not generated by us but by tsdocs, but we do embed it in our system. might be an issue there. I’ll look into that - Back button clearing an cnhor doesn’t work in API docs · Issue #273 · BabylonJS/Documentation (

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