Does anyone know how such graphics could be reproduced with the tools that are available at babylonjs?

Hi all, I’m wondering how it would be possible to reproduce such a graphical ambient as you can see in the attached screenshot. I’m mainly talking about the fog, smoke and the distinctive and intense colors of magic and spells, it all makes the scene look very magical.

has anyone an idea in which direction I should go to get something similar on the babylonjs side, I’m aware of the built-in fog and pipeline rendering system and I’ve initially played with these, but I haven’t come a bit close to such an effect.

I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible :slight_smile: The fog and smoke can be done with particles, and the spell effects make me think of @roland 's work with GreasedLine :slight_smile: GitHub globe like scene with flying lines - Windows platform fix - Demos and projects - Babylon.js (


thank you @carolhmj, I will dive deeper in things that you mentioned

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regarding the fog, I have found this answer from @Deltakosh

and it’s very similar to the effect that I wanted to get

Incidentally, things are still evolving on the side of fog and node materials and, incidentally, you might want to take a look at this post that just came in today. You can use a shader on your ground and couple it with the fog node.
As for the bright colors, it’s mostly about making good use of the emissive. You also have a number of options using post or shader materials. Overall, looking at the screenshot, in the end, it’s totally achievable in BJS and is only a matter of art direction. Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses: