Does babylon support blendshape exported from 3dsmax?

I want to use blendshape on human’s face.
Does babylon support blendshape on human’s face exported from 3dsmax?

cc @PatrickRyan

You might figure this out yourself by just making a throwaway blendshape on a cube & exporting. For .BABYLON, edit / open the text file & search for ‘morph’ not there, then probably no. For GLB, you might have to actually load the file, or just check the .babylon export, the answer could be the same.

Based on your time of post & name, might be better than waiting for the US west coast.

@xiaopangoo, yes, Babylon does support blend shapes authored in 3ds Max and exported to glTF. I would make sure that export morph normals is checked when exporting facial deformations on faces. If you only cared about positions, you could disable this flag to save on file size, but you will need them for light calculations on the face morphs.

To access the blend shape data, called Morph Targets in Babylon, you simply need to access the Morph Target Manager that is created when loading your glTF into a scene. There is an example of importing a mesh with blend shapes - from Maya but basically the same thing - that shows how to access and animate the morph target influences.

I hope this unblocks you, but feel free to reach out with more questions.