Does Babylonjs supports 2D Physics simulation?

I am making a 2D games, like (space shooter, knife hit) I do not need 3D Physics for those simple game. I am looking for 2D Physics in Babylonjs, is there any ?
I do not found any API related to 2D physics.

There is no API for 2D physics, but it should be relatively straight forward to integrate one into your pipeline using the hooks (observables) Babylon offers during the rendering process.
Take your favorite 2D physics engine, and include it as party of the scene rendering

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Hey @shohan4556, just from the curiosity, did you consider using 2D game engine (like Phaser) if you’re making 2D games?

can you provide some resources or tutorial how to achieve that ?

I know Phaser2d very well, but this special requirement I have to use babylonjs another point is Phaserjs does not support physics simulation on server.