Integrate Phaser 2d game engine with Babylon.js

Phaser 2d game engine is very cool but they don’t have a clear API documentation like babylon.js or any useful learning material. It is better if it becomes a part of Babylon.js likewise Blender extended for 2d animations from only 3d.

Please add Phaser into Babylon.js because this will open new opportunities for 2d game developers.

Realistically I cannot see that happening since that would weaken any commitment to Babylon.js. Improving Phaser.js API docs is a question for Phaser

I think its better if we extend Babylon.js for 2d games also.

Sardar g,bariyan englishan chal rayyan ny janaab

Sardar g,ay dasso,aey sary software goray e kyun banaandy ny,saady tu kyn nae kuj honda?

Mentality di gl h sari, apne val de lok eve dia chija nu kat hi aapnode aw. Jd k agrej shote shote neyaneya da hi eve dia chija ch interest paida kr dinde appreciate(inam de k kdi tarif krti) kr kr k. Te apne val ta loka nu pta v ni v eve dia chija v hundia oh kive sikhayuge neyaneya nu j khud hi ni pta eve dia chija vare.

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I think its better if we extend Babylon.js for 2d games also in the same way Blender extended for 2d animations also from only 3d.

@NavpreetDevpuri, @Hasnain_farid as Google Translate is making a very poor job of translating would you kindly add an English version to your native language posts so that we can follow your arguements for or against the request.

He observed that i am a punjabi or may be he surprised to see me here so, he asked me that “Why only English persons are building those technologies (example Babylon.js) why only fewer punjabi people like you are working on those technologies ?”

And i replied him that “Its a matter of mentality. In Punjabi’s community most of times we don’t appreciate those technologies. Older people or even teachers in my community don’t know much about those technologies then how they give directions to childrens for learning or developing those technologies. On the other hand other communities are teaching about those technologies or giving directions to even very young childrens.”


Thank you for the translation. Wish you well with your projects.

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Actually i just started a sub project of catrobat community similar to scratch. I named it babyCatrobat a visual programming language by using blockly to make games that will inspire Young Minds to learn programming and game development. Basically for now i just focus on 2d. I tried Babylon but i don’t see any sufficient way to implement 2d with Babylon so i try to learn Phaser then i noticed that they don’t really provide good learning material like Babylon provides. Then i remembered how blender implement 2d after a long time so i got an idea about that its much more better if Babylon got something that provide tools to us for making 2d games same likewise now blender provide tools to us for making 2d animations.

Any type of help or guidance is very appreciable.

Good Observation Man,That is reality

“Google translate is making a poor Job”:smiley:
Man,even in next 100 years no google or any smartest AI can Translate it :smiley:

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I think it would make more sense to integrate the animation player for 2D sprite editors, such as Spriter, Spine, etc.

Yes, implement 2d physics for sprits.

Phaser is very slower as compared to babylon. It starts lagging easily especially on some mobile devices.
I hope Babylon community can optimize phaser to run faster and integrate it to Babylon’s spirits or in any other way.

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If you love Phaser and know already how to use it, take a look at the Phaser 3D extension at

Phaser is not that slow. Take a look at some example I made. They work very well even on older mobile phones.

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