Editor cannot save large GLTF files

Hi guys,

So I have been working with a couple of GLTF files. One is approx 160MB and the other one is less than 10MB. Both of these files gets imported to the editor without any issues. When trying to save the large file, the screen goes white and nothing happens. I thought it might be doing something in the background and left it for about 30 minutes without any luck. The smaller files gets saved without any issues.

Has anyone come across this issue before? If so, how should I overcome this?

Thank you in advance.

Adding @julien-moreau the editor inventor

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Hey @Reens
Thanks a lot for reporting! I just tried to reproduce but no success. I think my gltf files are not enough large (tested with a 90MB).

Is that possible that you share your gltf file with me? At least using private messages if you don’t want it public. It would help me a lot to reproduce and find the root cause.

Thanks you !! :slight_smile:

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Hi @julien-moreau, no worries i will send you as a private msg.

Thank you so much for looking in to this.

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