Unity editor cannot save (big scenes?) -- white screen

I am trying to save a scene exported from Unity, without any cameras nor light, only geometry and textures. Import works fine but, when saving, screen turns white during step" uploading step 2/16)".
Screen remains white indefinitely. If I do the following, I do not have an error, but the scene is not actually saved:

  • delete half the scene in Unity
  • export / import / save
  • restore the other half
  • export / import / save
    The latest import is not saved, only the previous partial scene is saved. No error message, says “saved”

Pinging @mackeyk24

Is the scene proprietary, can you send me the scene so i can test out ?

Its probably crapping out on make the large json with all the geometry data…

technically is gets formatted to strings… Probably crapping out the editor during export…

not to mention if it actually did save the json is probably REALLY HUGE… hundreds of MB

But if you send to me (in private message if need to) i will check out in my new GLTF based exporter which uses binary files for things like geometry and animations, etc…

Thank you @MackeyK24, sending you the scene via PM as it is branded!

Yo @schlorraine… I meant the Unity Project… not just the result .babylon file

Right away monsieur!

Hi @MackeyK24,

So, per your advice, I use the current toolkit, combine meshes and all, works allright, saves, but all lights disappear as well as the lightmaps. Its all baked lighting in Unity, not mixed.




Ok… I will make a video with your full scene … for your eyes only since all those company logos will still be there.

I’ll send you the result in PM

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