BJS Editor loading large gltf

I am trying to load a large gltf object. When I drop it into the assets folder, it shows a red X mark and when I try to move it into the scene, the editor is stuck at “Configuring gltf”. Is there any way to load the object?

Pinging @julien-moreau

Hey @trigangle
Does your gltf file loads correctly in the sandbox?
If yes, is that possible that you share me your gltf file (private message or whatever if not public) so I can try to debug and find the problem?

Unfortunately there is not other way to load a gltf file (or meshes in general)

Thanks a lot!

@julien-moreau My gltf file loads properly in the sandbox. I have found a workaround by using the sandbox to turn the gltf into a glb file and then putting that into the bjs editor.

Excellent! But if the gltf file fails that means I have a problem loading gltf files(and not glb). I have tried and I can’t reproduce. Are you using the editor V4 rc.1 ?