[Editor] Texture on a gltf mesh not corresponding to UV map on Blender

Hi all!

I’m trying to apply textures on materials of a GLTF model imported on Babylon editor from Blender.

This is how UV mapping looks on Blender:

But when I try to apply the texture as an Albedo texture to a PBR material on the editor on the submesh, here is the result:

Is there something I’m missing?


Pinging @julien-moreau the king of the Editor!

Hey @Juanma!
Thanks a lot for reporting!

In order to be sure of what you are using, which version of the Editor are you using? Version 3 or version 4?
That will help me to understand the problem and/or how we can fix that :slight_smile:

Hi @julien-moreau!

I’m using Editor version v4.0.0-beta.7


Hum, the editor V4-beta.7 is up to date with the gltf loader. Do you confirm, if you drag’n’drop your gltf model in the BabylonJS sandbox, that it works well?

I’d like to know if the problem comes from the editor, the gltf loader or the model itself.

To help you, is that possible that you share your model with me on the forum or in PM?

Thanks ! :slight_smile: