Enabling / disabling default antialiasing / msaa on the fly


A few quick questions -

  1. When Engine is instantiated with antialiasing: false, does pipeline.samples setting have any effect?
  2. When Engine is instantiated with antialiasing: true, is there a way to disable it on the fly without using pipeline.samples ?

I am trying to work this out but it does not work for me at all - when antialias is false setting samples has no effect, but neither it does when antialias is set to true :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Both are completely decoupled and you should be able to use samples with antialias false.

Basically antialias as a parameter can not be changed reverted after it has been set, as it is a one off parameter when you request the context of a canvas.

On the other end the samples parameter is only impacting rendering to textures, not to the main canvas.

Usually I would turn antialias off on the main canvas if I render to texture with samples and reversely I would rely on antialias being true if I do not render to texture (like with post process and so on)

Ok so for me the parameter is the important one, which means that the user will have to restart the game when they change antialias (which is fine tbh).

Thanks seb.

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