Error Max2Babylon

Hello there.
As you probably know newest Microsoft Flight Simulator forked Babylon.JS to create their own exporter tools.
Even tho i downloaded everything (Max2Babylon)…i still got this error everytime i open 3ds.

I’m using 3ds max 2020 (happened the same with 3ds max 2021)

Heres the other pic

Did you try to rely on the installer for it ? it looks like a config issue for the exporter. Also adding @Drigax in case he already encountered it ?

@Hernan_Di_Tano since it’s forked, we can’t be too sure what is different between our exporter and theirs now. Pinging @elpie89, if he’s still involved in development.

It seems that 3dsMax isn’t able to find the exporter binary. First make sure that you’re following all the steps in our installation guides:

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Hi @Hernan_Di_Tano,
I see two different error here
in the first image, some tool is reading the root property without success.
Probably fixing the second error will fix the first one too

You need to reinstall the exporter.
From what I see the Max2Babylon.dll has been copied in [3dsMaxInstallationFolder]/bin/assemblies
without his dependencies

SharpDx.dll etc
If the MSFS SDK is not installing those dependencies there is a bug in the installer.
If that is the case please report this on MSFS forum