Error on creat TransformNode

Hi Gens,
I got an error when trying to create a new TransformNode

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot set property 'state' of undefined
    at Node (node.ts:84)
    at TransformNode (transformNode.ts:174)
    at Platform.js:110
    at EventBus.emit (index.js:88)
    at Platform.js:76

That’s the line I used to create it
var modelParent = TransformNode("root", scene);
I got multiple scenes and engines in this project not sure if that impacts, but since I assigned the scene here I assume it shouldn’t have any impact?

Probably you need to add new for the new object -

var modelParent = new TransformNode("root", scene);
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Oh god yes, thanks! :sweat_smile:

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