Error to CascadedShadowMap on Chrome without discrete graphics card in PC

My project added CascadedShadowMap and run on Chrome (last version) and print error in broswer. I had test serval PC and found the result. All of the error PC had no discrete graphics card, which one had a discrete graphics card without any problem. And the last thing is the error just met on Chrome. FireFox didn’t get any problem.

Yes you need to run on webgl2 to get cascaded shadows :slight_smile:

Why firefox broswer got no problem?

probably because webgl2 is running there? (could be done when you initialize the engine. If you do nothing Babylonjs will try to create webgl2. If the driver does not support it, it will revert to webgl1)

In my case, when i initialize the engine, how to judge broswer/driver support webgl2 or not? Firefox and Chrome have different result?

Simply check the console. The first info line on loading a BJS scene (the engine init) will tell you if you are running in WebGL1 or 2 (else check ‘the inspector’).

That is what i use now. I just wonder why Chrome can not change to webgl2 automtically like Firefox.

What’s your rig? Is your chrome version up-to-date?
Edit: Any CORS policies errors in the chrome log?

@DWork I suspect this is for perf concerns unfortunately and Chrome would chose the cheapest one :frowning: you should try opening a bug on chromium maybe ?