Export of shadows from Unity

I need help understanding why this is happening. When I create empty project with default scene in Unity, import babyllon exporter, change rendering mode to linear, disable realtime global ilumination and put some model on scene and export scene in babyllon I have some strange shadow or no one at all.
Babyllon screen

Unity screen

Can You give some advice how to export correct shadow? :slight_smile:

This one is a toughy in the classic edition of the Babylon Toolkit (Unity Exporter).

I was just really getting to understand the whole shadow map generation.

Note: I still have problems with realtime shadow in LARGE maps or scenes…

The only decent real time shadows i can make work are on the SMALL scenes

If use a large plane that is to receive shadows… I barley get any shadows, if any

Maybe @Deltakosh can help us out here :slight_smile:

basically for now… I would just create a script component and setup the Shadow Map Generator yourself in your script component… I know it sucks, but that all i can think of for you to do WITHOUT my new Pro Toolkit (Which is not ready for public yet… Sorry)

Thanks, yours answer is very helpful. But still i need some way to done my job :).
So maybe i describe what i need and you give me some tips how to resolve this. I need import very detailed map with shadows, gods rays, particles and cars. The car will get position from API thats why they cannot be static lightmaped.
I know how to do that in Unity, but its my first try in Babyllon, and I am a little confused. :slight_smile:

Ah… I see…

FYI… The unity Exporter Does not convert any shadows or anything to babylon. Its just a scene exporter and i RE-CREATE everything you see in babylon… I had a tough time catch all way i as doing shadows before.

But check out Shadows - Babylon.js Documentation to start :slight_smile:

I am still learning babylon and still need some tips.
Now I have to decide to choose the right way to create a map. I want to create a map from texture and heightmap, then i need add some 3D models.
Which method you recommend: 1) create terrain in unity and export using babylon exporter, 2) create from scratch using code, 3) create scene using babylon desktop app?
(In desktop app i have problem to generate mesh from heightmap. ) :slight_smile:

I want to create something like this map link