Export the gun model with action

The above is the model exported to Babylon format, and the following is the model in blender. After exporting, the model will become distorted and completely impossible to see as long as the action is taking place. Can anyone help me

Pinging @JCPalmer or @Vinc3r or @gryff :wink:

First, need an export log file. Also, are you saying it is ok either before or after the animation?

After import, if there is no animation, the model is good, once there is action, the model is distorted

This may help: Mixamo - Babylon.js Documentation

Press Ctrl + A in Blender to open Apply Menu, and clicking All Transforms. Location and Rotation x,y,z should all be 0, and Scale x,y,z should all be 1 in the Transform tab (press N to open in Blender).

Guessing that the skeleton from animation may have Scale x,y,z not all 1.