Exporter: Issues with imported skp model

Hi folks,

I converted to following model to .glb with the 3ds max exporter:

Unfortunately I get a weird appearance and a lot of warnings, see:

Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated! Thx

Pinging @kcoleyand and @PatrickRyan

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I just do a quick collada import into Blender; I think you just have to clean up the mesh: scales are not applied, faces are overlapping, etc.

In 3dsMax, try selecting by element to delete doubled-overlapping faces, then apply transform & scale & xform, it should be better. Don’t forget to clean materials too.

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@tkazik, can you supply a link to your converted Max file? I used the link from 3D warehouse that you supplied, but importing the collada file into Max 2019 didn’t yield testable results. I saw the unfrozen TRS nodes that @Vinc3r mentioned, but Max bakes all of those unsupported nodes into the mesh. The main problem I saw from this model, which was originally a sketchup model, is the UVs. The UVs were unusable and would need a complete unwrap to fix.

The crossed horizontal and vertical lines you see in the center of the UV window is 0-1 in UV space right at the intersection of the lines so 90% of the highlighted mesh is outside 0-1 space.

I assume you did this work already so I’d like to take a look at your file. What I am seeing in your screen capture is that the materials you are using are not flagged as opaque materials which will cause the sorting issues and transparency issues. I noticed on the material assigned that the texture is wired to both the diffuse and the opacity inputs. This will cause your problems as there is only one texture for the model which has alpha blended meshes.

To fix it, you need to make one material that is opaque and one that is alpha blended. They can both use the same texture, but you need to have hard material separations for opaque and alpha blended geometry. Also make sure you set up your materials with the physical materials in Max so you write out the PBR information you will want for the model. You can find that information at the 3ds Max Exporter page.

If you can share the model as you have it rendering, I can take a look for more specific issues.

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Wow, what an awesome support, thank you very much!
Thanks to your inputs and hints, I was able to fix the model.
Some steps / a short summary for future references:

  • 3ds max’ import seems to prefer older versions of skp models, so saving the skp as version 8 helped a lot!
  • still needed to fix quite a few UV to match them into 0-1 space
  • smoothing groups were also broken during import: clear and auto smooth fixed the issue
  • reset transform and some normal flipping was also necessary in some parts
  • also had to clean-up the materials (see @PatrickRyan)

Once again, thanks again for the excellent support…really appreciate it!

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Thanks to your suggestions, the model looks now perfect. However, the gltf validator throws several warnings about ‘MESH_PRIMITIVE_UNUSED_TEXCOORD’. Do you have any idea, what is still missing?

The glb and max file can be found here:

Thank you very much!

Hi @tkazik. The warning isn’t a problem with the glTF file. It is indicating that there is some extra info in the glTF currently not being used, in this case UV maps which aren’t assigned to any textures.


@kcoley Thx for the quick reply!
Surely, there is a way to avoid this warning, right?
How do I have to fix the model? I can’t figure out which UV maps I should remove.
Thx for any insight :slight_smile:

You can take a look on your mesh using the channel info utility.

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Wow, awesome hint! Right on spot:

Deleting the ID 2:map on all the nodes/meshes did the trick (no more validator warnings).

Thx a lot guys, excellent support!