Exporting from Unity with lightmap and UV1 data set

Hi, I have setup a test scene in Unity for baking lightmaps (using the Bakery plugin) its correctly generated the lightmap and placed the lightmap uvs in uv1. When I export from Babylon using the Babylon Unity Toolkit, it appears none of the data or the lightmap are getting exported, is there something i can do?

should i maybe do the baking in Blender instead? Maybe theres a better work flow for this.

Thank you.

If using my Toolkit, i put the lightmaps into UV2 channel

thanks for the reply,

when i create primitives in unity it only has uv0 and uv1 and when i bake lighting it automatically places it in uv1, even though everything i read online says lightmaps belong in uv2.

Ill move away from doing tests with primitives and see what i can get with real assets.


I meant second channel… it may very well be called uv1 in babylon (but its the second uv channel)


thanks. Ive realised a plugin i was using called Mesh Baker for batching meshes to optimise scenes had a setting turned on for removing UV2 channel by default. So unity was using the same uv coordinates for both the lightmap and the albedo. Hence it wasnt working


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