Exporting Model wrong Angle UVM


I’m 3DSMAX user and I’m in love with babylon.js

I have a small problem when I export and object, in my case is an simple box with diffrent images in each side. My textures positions are wrong so I can’t see them correctly after import in my website (or Export & Run)

I have tryed Xform Collaps All, and still the same,
in addition I tried, using TRANSFORM tool provided sandbox.babylonjs.com but is so cofusing, and I can’t get a final result correctly.

Any suggetion how to after export the object have a currectly textures , in correct positions?

I think this might be in the wrong category. In my opinion, it should be under questions, not demos and projects, right?

You right I have changed it! Thanks

What file format are you exporting to? .gltf? .babylon? Can you explain what do you mean by

Textures positions are wrong? All of them? Are they on the wrong side of the box? Are they upside down? Or UVs are completely wrong and textures are not looking good at all?

Is it possible for you to share either 3dsMax file or exported file?

Hello I’m using glb file format. But I have tryed all of formats and the same happens.

I will try to explain correctly:

Each side need to show number “1”

Top side is correct

Down side is correct:

But another sides don’t show number “1” in the middle but need to be:

I can provide you a files here images and max file 2018 (sorry for link can’t upload I’m a new user ):

Thank you!!

Do you see your texture properly in 3dsMax when you open it? With the files you provided I cannot see the box being properly unwrapped to support the proper UVs for each side? You could maybe split the box into planes and have texture on each plane, or you might try to unwrap the file properly (using UVW Map with box projection. You can preselect the side you want to edit UVs on (using like EditPoly modifier), and when you add unwrap or uvw map modifier on top of that it will affect only selected side. So you would have like 6 edit poly modifiers + 6 uvw map modifiers (where you adjust tiling and size).

If your object is a box maybe you don’t need to load the external file at all and use FaceUVs on the box in Babylonjs directly.

Hey, yes I see correctly!

I did everything you tell me before :slight_smile:
But if real thank you so much.
I have tryed to select UVM Map and on Mapping I have used Face after that steps worked perfectly.
But thank you, because you told me to use box, so it made me using face and worked :slight_smile: <3

Love you!

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