Eye dome lighting (EDL) for point clouds

Can we get Eye Dome Lighting in Babylon?

Potree has the shader I believe:

" * Christian Boucheny (EDL developer) and Daniel Girardeau-Montaut (CloudCompare). The EDL shader was adapted from the CloudCompare source code!"

Maybe we could grab it from Potree?

Here’s the cloud compare version

Potree version:

Potree code to handle it

Hello, could you let us know more about eyeDomeLighting ?

Also it should be pretty straightforward to port with a shader Material or maybe a Node Material in Babylon.

Then we would be happy for any contributions helping the rest of the community.

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One of my favourites:

Eye dome lighting give black edges and some other things around point clouds to help give them a sense of shape.

More info is here:

looks Neat :slight_smile: Would you be willing to contribute it ?

Or anybody from the community ?