Fail to replicate Blender camera settings (2.5D pseudo isometric)


Please have a look at this Blender setup:

(Camera rotation: x=60°, y=0°, z=45°, type=orthographic, orthographic scale=7, camera location: x=5, y=-6, z=4)

How to replicate in Babylon? I have tried countless combinations of BAbylon camera setups - none of which worked. I have also copy&pasted a coupled of examples - no luck.

Note: To be clear, this is a pseudo isometric “2.5 D” perspective. If you have a square, turn it 45°, then half the height.

Best wishes

Oh, I have just realized, if you resize the window, the canvas is not updated and gets strechted. Might be an issue if you do not notice this and rely on visual inspection… :confused:

Meanwhile, I have also found this: BlenderExporter/ at master · BabylonJS/BlenderExporter · GitHub - which now happens to work.