Failed to build project (unity toolkit)

Heya all! Just went through Mackey’s video to play around with BJ toolkit. Upgraded typescript to 4.5.5, but getting “failed to build” error with some thread errors that i don’t understand. Any ideas?

Cc @RaananW and @MackeyK24

It’s hard for me to understand the error, is there a log for the actual compilation?
I can’t answer regarding the toolkit itself. does it work with ts 4.4.x?

Hm. I tried with another computer (similar setup with TS 4.5) and i didn’t get the same error (i’m wondering if it’s paths to node/tsc on that other machine. will need to check those).

Got another error though in browser:

Indeed, there’s no gltf generated anywhere in the export directory. Anything else need to be installed that’s not mentioned on the get started page?

Would be great to see a reproduction of that, prefferably on the playground, so we can understand what is wrong.

In general, to get glTF serialization to work you need the serializers package installed along the core lib and as the same version as the core lib. The loaders package is needed to be able to load a glTF into your scene.

Well, there’s not really a playground possible… there’s no GLTF generated by the babylon toolkit. In sum: can’t get the babylon toolkit to work on 2 different computers. It doesn’t output anything / builds fail.

@MackeyK24 is definitely the king for the unity exporter :slight_smile:

Are you still having issues ?

Hey @MackeyK24 ! Thx for responding. Yes, still having issues. Seems that on-build, the gltf is not generated. Here’s a screenshot of unity->html viewer->scenes directory. Maybe just some setting or config missing?

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Pinging @MackeyK24 to take a look when he can :smile:

Thanks yea - would still love to use the babylon toolkit. Just cant seem to get it to work. Anyone else have it working successfully?

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