False texture when loading obj with mtl

I am trying to load an obj file with mtl, I’ve tried the sandbox, and by dragging in, the correct texture appears, but though entering assetUrl or trying to load obj myself, I found the texture was not correctly loaded.

I am new to Babylon and have very little experience, if there are any problem that you can see, please tell me.

wrong texture with assetUrl and my own code:

My models and textures:

Unfortunately when using assetsUrl, you cannot load mtl as the only file visible in the url is the obj (and not the mtl)

But I do have a texture and if I don’t include the texture files, it will show even without the current texture.

Can you share the sandbox url you are using so far? With the assetsUrl?

I tried it with the downloaded sandbox, because the online sandbox.babylonjs.com has https to http issues, but I think they have the identical code, let me provide some more info.

. The below is what it is supposed to look like, in the sandbox online, but when I tried it with the asset url or add in my html <babylon model.url="...." templates.main.params.fill-screen="true"></babylon> it shows the image posted above, which is not the texture wanted.

Is there an example that can solve this problem? Maybe try the model that I shared above and see if it works? I tried all kinds of examples in the playground but they just don’t work.

Wait…you are talking about the Viewer or the Sandbox? I’m confused now

OK, let me summarize and restate my problem as English is not my primary language and I’m struggling with it.

The problem that I am having right now is that using <babylon model.url="...." templates.main.params.fill-screen="true"></babylon> with my model in the html will not return the right texture(screenshot seen in the original post), but model was completely fine as I can view the model through the sandbox. I want to know how can I fix the problem that the auto mtl loader was giving me the wrong texture and how to fix it.

Hope this will make it clearer! Thank you for helping.

Ok so your question is definitely about the viewer :slight_smile:
can you repro your issue in jsfiddle or codepen? So we can all see it and be able to help