Sandbox has issues loading OBJ with face texture coordinates


I just happened upon BabylonJS and it’s a really good product! I tried loading an OBJ (with MTL and one texture) into the sandbox loader. Babylon recognizes the texture, material and mesh.

The issue is that the viewer is showing the texture seams. The OBJ uses face texture coordinates. Is there a setting I can apply to remove the seams? Or is this a bug?

Attached is a screenshot of what I’m experiencing.


Hello and welcome!!

this seems to be a problem with the file itself. Can you try to load it into Blender, see how it looks like and then export it to gltf or babylon file format?

Thanks for the help. Yes, the converted GLTF model shows no seams.

I think the issue with the OBJ is that Babylon might be converting my face texture coordinates to vertex texture coordinates. I’ve seen this issue in some of my older code. Might be worth keeping an eye out.

The GLTF model looks great in the viewer.

Thanks again!

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