Family multiplayer games

Here’s a question about “visually simple” multiplayer games, like chess, checkers, poker, hearts and backgammon. First, a long wind-up:

We are launching a product to provide blindingly fast sharing of videos and images. It is targeted at groups of people in remote resorts, RV camps, “liveaboard” dive boats, etc. “Blindingly fast” because there is a server in the house. (

In addition to helping people relive and memorialize their day, we also might wanna provide some other services. Multiplayer games seems like a good candidate.

And here we are!

Fortnite isn’t gonna work for this market. We are looking for a virtual stand-in to common family games, without the hassle of keeping a full physical game with all of their the myriad pieces/cards/dice. (Other opinions welcome.)

It seems like a road that is (unexpectedly) rarely traveled. To wit, it seems that, if we wanted to animate a card table in BABYLON for a wide variety of card games, most of the components must be built from scratch. Same with chess.

But I figure I mighta been looking in the wrong places. Maybe y’all know better. Hence, this message . . .

I saw several forum users doing card games. That may be worth pinging them

Like: Dynamic texture: quality problems

Thank you. I will take a look.

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